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Never heard

Drama, Family, Christian
1h 29min

Aaron Davis is accused of murder and incarcerated for a crime he swears that he did not commit. His son Jalen is forced to grow up on the streets of Los Angeles without the guidance of a father and primarily raised by his mother Shala and Grandmother Camilla. Jalen finds himself in hot water with his life at risk after his friend Diggy decides to partner with one of the biggest drug dealers in the city leaving a large debt to be recouped. Everything seems to turn around when Aaron is reminded to put his faith in God first and use the power of prayer to help solve his problems. Will Aaron find a way to prove his innocence and save his son’s life before it is too late?

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Crime, drama, LGTBQ
1hr 26min

An urban gritty drama set on the streets of the Bronx. Wednesday, a female pimp, grows up learning the game from her dad. Once he’s gone she is left looking after her prostitute mom, and her girlfriend Nikki. In need of more money to survive, Nikki turns tricks changing their luck. Rising up in the game, Wednesday continues to hustle hard for a dream of a better life for her girls and a ticket out of the ghetto. But when Wednesday pulls a stripper named Destiny, she comes face to face with a male Pimp who runs a more dangerous game. In a ferocious battle for survival of the fittest, Wednesday fights for love and risks all to protect Nikki.

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Aan niets overleden. (Died of nothing.)

Drama, LGTBQ, Romance

The Caribbean Thilda Purperhart lives with her daughter Joyce in a rowdy flat in the Bijlmer. Thilda has a son Kelvin who is ill, he has AIDS. She keeps him carefully hidden in the house, so that this will not bring any shame to the family. As a result, the boy does not receive medication and his situation is getting worse. Their secret seems safe until one day the doorbell rings and Julius, a Dutch-Caribbean man standing at the door looking for his old friend.

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Service to man

Drama, History, Romance
1hr 10min

It’s 1967 and Eli Rosenberg has a problem; only one medical school in the country will accept him: Meharry Medical College, an all-black medical school in Tennessee, a considerable distance from his life in Brooklyn, New York. Michael Dubois also has a problem; only one medical school in the country will do for him: Meharry Medical College, his successful father’s alma mater, and therefore his, whether he likes it or not. Both Eli and Michael have a problem: they are two outsiders from radically different backgrounds forced to work together inside the pressure cooker of medical school in the turbulent 1960s. Together they battle the intricate mysteries of medicine, demanding professors, and each other in their quest to, ultimately, become healers in the Service To Man.

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The African who wanted to fly

Documentary, Biography
1hr 15min

First discovering Kung Fu after watching the film Big Boss, at the age of just 15, the Gabonese Luc Bendza embarked on his life journey to China to follow the footsteps of his childhood movie stars, Bruce Lee and Wag Yu. Notwithstanding obstruction from his family, the cultural shock and economic hardships in China, and continuous racial unfriendliness in his host community, Bendza joins a prestigious Wushu academy and excels. Under the tutelage of Grand Master Meng Huifang, this child would eventually become number one in an artform which had previously never counted an African in its midst. But Bendza went beyond that, to become a professor at the school for more than 20 years; won the first world championship of wushu; and met and worked with Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee’s producer. Based on the incredible true story of Luc Bendza, this film follows his journey from a tiny Gabonese village all the way to China, where he would eventually become a world Kung Fu champion.Bendza’s remarkable life is now the subject of a 72-minute documentary film, Samantha Biffot’s film “The African Who Wanted to Fly.

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How to tell you’re a douchebag

Romance, Comedy
1hr 15min

Ray Livingston is a relationship-blogging hack (“freelance writer, actually”) responsible for Brooklyn’s infamous blog, “Occasionally Dating Black Women.” The well-written, if not controversial, blog has generated some notoriety, but Ray is chafing from an overextended stay in New York, romantic ennui, and a stagnating writing career. After a particularly crappy week, he goes off on a tirade and harasses a gorgeous random passerby, only to discover that it’s Rochelle Marseille, one of New York’s up-and-coming authors. Moving to make amends in an effort to preserve his media clout, Ray is stunned when Rochelle gives him more than he ever thought she would.

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Feature film, Drama
1hr 25min


A tight knit group of young high school athletes have a terrible crash after winning the state championship – a catastrophe that will shape all their lives. But as adults, some 15 years later, they come together again for a reunion that will open olds wounds, expose long-hidden secrets – and pave the road to forgiveness and redemption.

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Documentary, Fashion, Sneakers, Lifestyle
1hr 17min

Trainers, Sneakers, Kicks or Creps, whatever title given, have broken the confines of strictly functional sportswear to an everyday essential fashion accessory. Sports, fashion, collection, one-upmanship or even social status, Trainers break gender, cultural and class backgrounds. Collectors, Inspectors and respecters of sneakers, affectionately known as “sneakerheads” can come from any background, race or religion, all with one common purpose, the appreciation of trainer culture. With the UK Sportswear Market worth Billions, this documentary will chart the highs and lows of the culture in the UK

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Cook like a champion

Television, Cooking
25min p/e

Chef Champion cooks with a strong passion and makes it a priority to visualize his entrees while preparing them, so in turn… he can empower others who struggle with cooking. Chef Champion infuses cultures and ingredients to create a flavor that gives you a champion cooking experience and the know-how to cook a little appeal yourself!

The Law of Attraction & the Power of Positive Thinking are the cornerstone of Chef Champion’s passion for food. He believes that if you think you can be a great chef or cook, then you will realize it, but if you think you won’t be a great chef or cook, then you probably won;t hit the mark as either on. Chef Champion believes that before you hit the kitchen, focus on what you want = like burning it, for example. The result? You’ll serve up a great dish almost every time!                                  That’s why Chef Champion created, 8 steps to Your Perfect Meal, a simple plan to help viewers or readers (available in book format, too) be more positive in the kitchen on their way to greater productivity and creativity. “I now understand my purpose in life and that is to teach the world everything I can about food for the mind, .body, and soul,” concludes Chef Champion. “Good food, Good time, Good health… the three goods that good food brings.”

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